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Can INDIAN Army withstand a war on China now ?…get into it to know more….

Can INDIAN Army withstand a war on China now?

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat said that due to Pakistan’s proxy war and China’s muscle flexing, there is scope of conflicts which can break into an all-out war. India has to be prepared for conflict along its northern and western fronts. Proxy war means the unleashing of Pakistan-based terror groups, who have been sending their cadre to carry out terrorist attacks in India. “Because of this proxy war, there is always scope of conflict with our western neighbour,” he said. In reference to China, Rawat explained that flexing of muscles has started and added that Pakistan can take advantage of the situation at India’s northern border.

Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat

Indian and Chinese Military Strength’s Comparision:

Almost one million more than India; but geographically China is three times bigger than india. China shares territorial border with almost 18 countries thats why it needs that much standing army.India shares borders with 7 countries and it have borders disputes with only pakistan and China. All others are good friends.Indian army is fighting insurgies in kashmir for many decades. They have fought almost 4 wars . They know how to fight in mountanious regions much better than chinese troops.Indian Army soldiers are considered amongst the very best in high altitude and mountain warfare and at the same its a fact that defensive side always have a great advantage in land face-off between soldiers. So being on defensive side as well as the presence of hilly terrain would give India a huge advantage.

Now, as far as air attacks are concerned, its not just about number of air-crafts and their technology, its about experience. Then considering Indian Air Force which has fought two major wars with Pakistan with a huge involvement of Air Force holds great advantage in terms of real battle environment.At the same time, Indian Air Force has been holding friendly training exercises with major world’s Air Forces every now and then. On the other hand, China being a rival of major of the countries has limited its training sessions to itself thus lacking exposure to the real battle environment and hence giving the Indian Air Force a tactical advantage over itself in “Modern Air Warfare

India is a country with huge maritime interests, hence it has a highly active, extremely trained, well-equipped and technologically advanced Navy with huge experience and thus possess great maritime operational and warfare capabilities. And that is the exact explanation why Indian Navy is considered as the “King Of The Indian Ocean”.


Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are much experienced and the most well trained Army of the world, conducting different exercises with many countries around the world like USA, UK, Japan, Russia etc. But on the other hand, PLA ( Chinese Army) do not prefer any exercises with any one. Only Pakistan Army take part in exercises with PLA.

China or India, both are looking to improve their economies and do more business with the world. Waging a war against each other is the worst that they can do to halt this great economic growth.Though war will be fought between two countries, International support is important here. India didn’t cross LOC during Kargil (morally correct) and hence US and many other western countries opened with us, which is a bigger gain.Indian Military is much stronger Mentally,Physically and with experience.India can surely defend China with all its experience and its will power.

Finally ,The fact of the matter is that both of us are largely peace loving countries who used to be the most advanced cultures on earth at multiple times in History. In case of an all out war (not just between themselves, but anywhere in the world) its China and India which lose the most, through global trade.