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First woman enters into India’s Commodity Business …you want to know more read this article…

Liquor mafia arrives at any new business. The bar opens next to you. It’s a walk in the Chambal area. It is not so easy to keep business in such a situation. But a girl from Gwalior changed it. Let’s see what she did and how she did.

Dipali wrapped up her business in Gwalior and reached Indore. Now, this girl is making waves in the commodity business which has been monopolised by men till now. 28-year-old Dipali has become the first woman in India to remain engaged in the commodity business full-time.

Dipali has registered her own firm in the Indore and is doing trading in wheat.

Dipali wanted to become an IAS officer in childhood, but when she was studying in the 12th, her father had a huge loss in business at the time. Being financially weak, she was unable to continue her studies. After breaking the dream of becoming an IAS, Dipali chose the commodity business and made her identity as a broker.

Dipali, a student of Scindia School, also did her job in many companies to continue her studies and contributed financially to her family. Apart from this, also tried hand in the Tiffin service,hostel  n restaurant businesses.

Dipali is not only good at studies but also quite active in sports. He is the national champion in basketball and handball.

Dipali has registered her firm named ‘Jai Laxmi Foods’ in the Indore Commodity Market. They are working hard day and night understand the nuances of business with experienced people of the market. There are about 1,500 registered traders in this market and all help Dipali.

While working in a company, Dipali sent samples of wheat and took orders and even market herself at the time of supply. Now he is acting actively in his firm and has made a turnover of 60 crores in the last 3 years.